Monday, October 19, 2015

Chicago Sabbatical & iPhone Photos

This September, I took a trip to Chicago on a work-sabbatical. My goal was to examine the work I've done this year, and to question whether or not I'm still on track. If not, I went prepared to audit my time and draft a new plan for 2016. Happily, it didn't come to that. I can report that things are right where I need them for next year. I just have to be patient, and forge ahead.

But aside from the serious stuff, I took plenty of time to experiment with my iPhone street photography. With subjects so readily available, I couldn't waste a moment. Brisk walks to morning coffee were opportunities to learn about form, and sculpting light. I crave the day I'll have that again on a permanent basis.

Here's some of the street photos I shared on Instagram during my trip. These were initially shot with the old-school Hipstamatic260, and later texturized / tinted with Mextures. I usually don't go this far with editing, but I wanted to try accentuating the story of each image. Over all, I think they're successful and fun, but I probably won't make heavy-editing a habit.

Monday, October 5, 2015

"The Depot" on Adobe Slate

The Depot Following the completion of "The Train Depot" video, I realized I also wanted to showcase more of the photos and stills from the shoot at the Depot in Holly Springs. Adobe Slate is perfect for that, and yes, I'm still in love with this iPad app. So, here we go, a simple multimedia article put together on "The Depot", via Adobe Slate. Click here, or the above picture to check it out.