Thursday, March 10, 2016

Art & Renovations at the Depot

Coming up on May 21st! Come see the "Tracks of Art" arts and crafts fair at the Holly Springs Depot! The event will feature a number of artists and craftsmen from disciplines including painting, sculpting, embroidery, stained glass, jewelry, as well as a few of my videos!

In anticipation of Tracks of Art.. Renovations at the Holly Springs Depot are now underway! Workers started today with installing a bathroom in the Baggage Room. The project is the first of many projects coming soon.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Projects, Books, & Museums

In February, I returned to my favorite museum, the Marshall County Historical Museum, to shoot two separate projects. One, yes, is another video in my series that highlights some of Holly Springs' creative residents. And the second? Well, all I can do is tease it on the blog and say, "it's a book." More information coming soon, plus *lots* of photos.

In other news, the Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery will be unveiling a collection of newly restored paintings in April! This one has little to do with me, but I'm excited to see more of Kate's art in person (especially since I've written about her in the past, and have photographed her things several times). More information is attached below, or you can visit the gallery's official Facebook invite to follow the event.

(photo credit: The Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery)

Via the Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery - "A collection of Kate Freeman Clark's paintings can now be seen in the original vibrant colors for which she was known when she showed her work in prestigious art venues in New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington. Thirty of her best paintings have now been restored to their original vibrance and the difference is remarkable. An Open House is set to celebrate this historic event. Tickets are $10 for members and $20 for non-members."