Friday, March 10, 2017

Barefoot Workshops with Ron Haviv

Last month, I attended Barefoot Workshops in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Class was instructed by one of my favorite photojournalists, Ron Haviv of VII! It's the first photojournalism workshop I've been able to attend, and I'm so grateful for the experience!

During the week-long workshop, we chose a local subject to document. Then, we selected our best (and favorite) shots, and put together a slideshow presentation. The last day of the workshop, each of us presented our work to the community, including the people we documented.

For my project, I followed Mark 'River' Peoples, a river guide for Quapaw Canoe Company in Clarksdale. Mark is a staple in the community, and spends much of his free time volunteering with children. See my final presentation, "River Peoples" below..

Photographer: © 2017 Megan Wolfe
Workshop: 2017 (February) - 1-Week Documentary Photography in The Mississippi Delta with Barefoot Workshops 
Instructor: Ron Haviv

Thursday, March 9, 2017

"The Artist's Sketch" by Carolyn J. Brown

I'm thrilled to announce that Carolyn J. Brown's book, "The Artist's Sketch: A Biography of Painter Kate Freeman Clark" is out in bookstores! For this project, I had the honor of photographing Clark's items, such as her paint brushes and books, as well as key locations in Holly Springs. The book is in full color, and is absolutely stunning!

Here's the synopsis for the book, plus a few of the photos...

"Artist Kate Freeman Clark (1875–1957) left behind over one thousand paintings now stored at a gallery bearing her name in her hometown of Holly Springs, Mississippi. But it was not until after her death in 1957 at the age of eighty-one that citizens even discovered that she was a painter of considerable stature. In her will, Clark left the city her family home, her paintings stored at a warehouse in New York for over forty years, and money to build a gallery, much to the surprise of the Holly Springs community.

As a young woman, Clark studied art in New York and took classes with some of the greatest American artists of the day. From the start Clark approached the study of art with discipline and tenacity. She learned from William Merritt Chase when he opened his own school in 1895. For six consecutive summers at his Shinnecock Summer School of Art in Long Island, she mastered the plein air technique. Chase trained many female students, yet he recognized Clark as “his most talented pupil.” The book prints, for the first time, excerpts from Clark’s delightful journal of the artist’s experience at Chase’s school, giving readers firsthand reporting of an artist-led school in the early twentieth century.

Clark returned to Holly Springs in 1923. Mysteriously, sadly, she never resumed painting and lived the last years of her life in quietude. The Artist’s Sketch shines a light on Clark, finally bringing her out of obscurity. This book also introduces Clark’s art to a new generation of readers and highlights current projects and important work being done in Holly Springs by the Kate Freeman Clark Art Gallery and the Marshall County Historical Museum, the two institutions that, since her death, have worked hard to keep Kate Freeman Clark’s legacy alive."

Catfish Blues in Eat.Drink.MS

On stands now! The February / March issue of "Eat. Drink. Mississippi" features my article and photos about "Catfish Blues" in Hernando! See what makes the food so delicious, and read about how restauranteur, Josh Tucker, was inspired by blues history. Pick up a copy of "Eat. Drink. Mississippi" at your local Mississippi bookstore, or Barnes & Noble in Collierville, Tenn.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Grit in Eat.Drink.Mississippi

My latest article in "Eat. Drink. Mississippi" magazine is out! Pick up a copy of the December / January issue to see and read about what makes Taylor's “Grit” so gosh-darned good! "Eat.Drink." is available now at your local bookstore, boutique, and supermarket.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Previously Unshared: A Few Headshots

These head shots have been hidden away in my files for a while. I wasn’t planning to share them originally (outside of sending them to my client), but after stumbling onto them again, I really like them. I dig how detailed the eyes turned out especially, and how they pop in the black and white prints. My client really liked them too; from what I’ve heard the shots regularly appear in his company’s media materials. So, here's a few of them!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Strawberry Plains Audubon Center

Who knew the small town of Holly Springs, Miss. could also be home to a 3000-acre nature sanctuary? Learn what Strawberry Plains Audubon Center has to offer visitors and Mississippi tourists in nature, art, and history in my recent video! And be sure to visit SPAC's Facebook page to sign up for upcoming events and classes!

See the video here:

Strawberry Plains Audubon Center - "About Us" from Megan Wolfe on Vimeo.

Follow Strawberry Plains Audubon Center on Facebook:

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe

Adventures abound! I can now cross "seeing the inside of a radio station" off of my bucket list! For this short gig with Mary Lou Nowak of Home Helpers Home Care, I filmed the broadcast of weekly radio show and podcast, Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe with Jo Garner. Check out a few photos from inside the booth, and the completed video below!

Watch the video (which combines photos, video, and audio):

Real Estate Mortgage Shoppe from Megan Wolfe on Vimeo.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Photo Shoot with Musician Merit Koch

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to collaborate with other artists. I had so much fun photographing musician and actress, Merit Koch, at her family's "home place"! Merit was really up for anything, and I can't wait to see what she does with the shots after this!

Here's a few select photos from our shoot, along with a shot of their companion mini-prints:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2nd Annual Haunted Holly Springs Tour

On October 21st, Phillip Knecht and Andrea Edgeworth of Lost River Mercantile were thrilled to introduce over 500 tourists to several of Holly Springs' 'ghosts' in the 2nd Annual "Haunted Holly" Springs tour. The tour combined antebellum architecture with spooky stories of the past, all told by (very much alive) local residents of Holly Springs.

Here's a handful of photos from the tour, plus a screen shot of my photos in the South Reporter.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Instant Mini Prints in Progress

I'm steadily finding new, and creative ways of printing my favorite photos for display. So far, I absolutely love the look of mini instant film! It doesn't work for all shots, but for images with strong contrast, the values and rich colors really pop!

I can't wait to share a handful of these fun prints with some of my favorite clients. I've already started planning the packaging (a couple of options shown below), and what they could look like as a larger set. Next up: maybe framing?

The below photos are from Creative Aging's latest Creative Arts Series program, featuring the New Ballet Ensemble & School.